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Before you see a Financial Planner (you already have a lot of money);  you may need a Financial Coach (so you acquire a lot of money).

If you are a Christian, consider choosing Trudy Beerman as your Biblical Financial Strategy Coach.

Whether you are just checking us out, a founding member, or any level in between; I am glad you are here. 

Here, debt chains fall off, tense marriages are healed, hopelessness is exchanged for hopefulness, work (even the mundane) becomes purposeful, generosity becomes easy as we begin to realize - "Ah! it's gonna be alright!"

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STAY for the transformations as you become who God called you to be.

Stake your claim and activate the Biblical promise of John 10:10 "[ ] have life and have it more abundantly."

This group is simply a bunch of ordinary people desiring an extraordinary life that is pleasing to God, while we learn, work, encourage and get support on our way to becoming debt free, outrageously profitable, and joyfully generous. If this sounds like you, YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR FAMILY!

Here is what's in it for you:

  • Build awareness about your actual spending
  • Become the BOSS of your Finances, and not be bossed by your finances.
  • Build yourself a 720+ Credit Score
  • Rack up Hope and once again DREAM with expectancy about your future abundant life
  • Identify your purpose that will drive you and reduce your chance of quitting on yourself
  • Explore your emotions and behavior triggers that created the money habits you have now so that you can handle them later
  • Finally, address your tough financial issues 
  • Expand your earning power and income channels
  • Create a financial snapshot and asset protection for your family should Jesus call you home
  • Get encouragement, accountability, support, and celebration of your new milestones
  • Replace your worry with a sense of "Ah! It's gonna be alright!"
  • (OPTIONAL - and for the Profit Seekers level only) Get your CA$Hercise Coaching Credential

Trust me, if you had to learn these proficiencies all on your own, without my E.A.S.Y system… the process is much, much, much more challenging and lonely! I created this content and experience to save you from the frustration, learning sidetracks, and expenses I endured to learn what I share here. If I had a program like this years ago, my today would be very different, and so much less pain filled.'

THE BEST NEWS IS... once you acquire this for yourself, it is yours for life too. No one can extract the transformations you will enjoy. At first, this may all seem awkward, maybe even overwhelming. Change is hard. Continuing as things are is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD!

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